Plumbing System Protection Plan

Our Plumbing System coverage, included in our Platinum Premier plan, will provide you with added peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is protected.

As a trusted leader in the home protection industry, American Residential Warranty provides coverage to customers nationwide, in all 50 states. We offer affordable home protection plans that reduce the risk and costs associated with unexpected home system, appliance or electronic repairs or replacements.

What Is A Home Protection Plan?
A home protection plan typically covers mechanical failures or breakdowns due to normal wear and tear of your home appliances or major systems (heating/air conditioning, plumbing, electric, kitchen appliances, etc.) depending upon the plan and options that you select. The plan is a guarantee that if something that is covered by the plan stops working or breaks down then it will be repaired or replaced by the service company, subject to the terms, conditions and coverage limits of the contract.

When you purchase a home protection plan from American Residential Warranty, you are entitled to certain protections as part of the plan. If one of your covered appliances or systems experiences a covered failure you can either submit a request online or call us. Our representatives are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A representative will validate your coverage and dispatch your claim to a service provider, who will contact you directly to schedule an appointment that works best with your schedule. For all covered repairs, a small service fee of $55 will be due per breakdown, unless otherwise noted in the terms & conditions

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Why Select A Plan With Plumbing System Coverage?
The plumbing system is an indispensable system in our home. When a plumbing system stops working properly, or completely breaks down, it can cause a lot stress and disruption for everyone in the household. The plumbing system consists of many parts and components which is why most people expect they will at some time need to call a plumber for a plumbing problem. Most dealers will cover both parts and labor ONLY for the first year following installation, and a repair or replacement can be a costly, unexpected expense. When you have a home plan that includes plumbing system protection, you will have coverage for as long as you continue paying for your plan.

With a home protection plan from American Residential Warranty, that includes your plumbing system, you will feel secure knowing that you have protected your important and vital home comfort investment.

American Residential Warranty’s Plumbing System Coverage
Note: Interior Plumbing is broken down into two categories. The standard plumbing coverage (including stoppages) we offer ONLY in our Platinum Premier plan or our 3-in-1 Bundle Option. The faucets fixtures etc. are part of an additional option called Plumbing Advantage that customers can elect to purchase, in addition to the Platinum Premier plan (or it is automatically included when customers choose the 3-in-1 Bundle option).
Internal Plumbing:
COVERED: All interior plumbing including angle stops, risers, waste vents, P-Traps assemblies and interior hose bibs.
NOT COVERED: Fixtures or stoppages, all piping and plumbing outside of the perimeter of the foundation or below the foundation of the home, bath tubs, gas lines, caulking or grouting, toilets and toilet parts, holding and pressure tanks, jet pumps, laundry tubs, lawn sprinkler systems, pressure regulating devices, conditions of excessive or insufficient water pressure, exterior hose bibs, or water supply lines to the refrigerator. We are not responsible for any repair work which must be executed to access interior lines or pipes.
Plumbing Stoppages:
COVERED: Clearing of mainline drain, sewer and lateral drain line stoppages up to 100 feet from access point which can be cleared with standard sewer cable through an accessible, existing ground level cleanout without excavation, except if caused by roots; P-Traps; drains; and overflow access points.
NOT COVERED: Stoppages caused by roots; collapsed, broken, or damaged lines outside the confines of the main foundation (even within 100 feet of access point); access to drain or sewer lines from roof vents; removal of toilet or costs to locate, access or install a ground level cleanout.
Plumbing Advantage: (when purchased as optional coverage)
Covered: Faucets, fixtures, & toilets including wax seals, toilet flange and internal guts.

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Home Protection Plans That Include Plumbing System Coverage

Kitchen Plus Plan: CCovers major kitchen appliances, garbage disposal, ice maker, ceiling fans, water heater, interior electrical & plumbing system/stoppages, central heating & cooling, whole-home humidifier and garage door opener – ONLY $39.99/mo (plus any applicable state taxes).
3-in-1 Bundle: Combine our two best plans, Platinum Premier and Ultimate Electronics Protection with our Deluxe Advantage option for maximum coverage. By bundling our plans together, you can have peace of mind knowing that your major kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, central heating and cooling, interior electrical and plumbing, faucets/fixtures/toilets and your home theater and home computing electronics are covered for ONLY $114.99/mo (plus any applicable state taxes).

As a customer, you will not be locked into a plan for lengthy periods of time. There are no long-term contracts involved. You can choose month-to-month, quarterly or annual payment plans. Your initial payment includes a thirty (30) day wait period before you are eligible for coverage under this Agreement.

Coverage Above & Beyond
As a customer of American Residential Warranty, you will experience excellent customer service, available 24 hours a day, 7-days-a-week. With one of our home plans, that include your Plumbing System, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have protected your essential home system investment.

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