Faucets, Fixtures & Toilet Coverage

Our Plumbing Advantage option can be added to select Home Warranty Plans and will provide you with added peace of mind knowing that your faucets, fixtures and toilets are protected.

As a trusted leader in the home protection industry, American Residential Warranty provides coverage to customers nationwide. We offer affordable home protection plans that reduce the risk and costs associated
At ARW, we understand a main concern for the majority of homeowners is protecting their budget against unforeseen financial circumstances. So we want to take that a step further and provide you with coverage that will protect your wallet as well as your biggest asset, your home.

Home Protection Plans That Faucets, Fixtures & Toilet Coverage Can Be Added To
There are no individual plans that ONLY cover one system (i.e.: heating, cooling or electrical). Instead, homeowners can customize their coverage by choosing a base plan that covers multiple appliances and systems, while also having many other optional coverages they can add to that base plan.

American Residential Warranty’s plans that would benefit from Plumbing Advantage coverage:
Platinum Premier Plan: Major kitchen appliances, garbage disposal, water heater, interior plumbing and electrical systems, central heating and cooling, ductwork, ceiling fans and garage door opener – ONLY $64.99/mo (plus applicable state taxes).
“Deluxe Advantage” Can also be added to our Platinum Premier plan, so that toilets and internal mechanisms coverage can be included.

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Advantage Plan Options
Below is a list of available “Advantage” Plan options we offer that can be added to base plans, to ensure complete protection.

Plumbing Advantage: While our Platinum Premier plan already includes basic plumbing & stoppage coverage such as the vents and under-sink traps, it doesn’t cover the toilets, faucets, fixtures or the internal mechanisms/wax seals on the toilets. This additional coverage will give you peace of mind that all your basic faucets, fixtures and toilets are covered.
A/C Advantage: Replacing refrigerants, like Freon, or leaking coils can be costly. Adding this coverage to your existing heating/cooling coverage will go above & beyond simple mechanical breakdowns.

Deluxe Advantage: The “Deluxe Advantage” can be added to our Platinum Premier plan ONLY. Purchasing this option expands the coverage on some of the listed appliances so that items listed as “NOT COVERED” under the base plan would be covered. With the added investment, Deluxe Advantage would extend your Platinum Premier Plan coverage to include:
* Combines the A/C & Plumbing Advantages (A/C refrigerant/coils & faucets, fixtures, toilets including internal toilet mechanisms & wax seals)
* A/C and Heating refrigerant recapture and condenser
* Dishwasher racks, baskets and rollers.
* Range/Oven/Cook top clocks, rotisseries, racks, handles, knobs, dials and interior lining.
Built-in Microwave Oven clocks, shelves, door glass and interior lining.
* Garage Door springs and tracks.
* Water Heater failures due to sediment build up.
* Appliance or system failures caused by improper installation, repairs or mismatched systems.
* Reimbursement for code violation corrections, permits, modifications and removal of defective equipment during the repair or replacement of a covered appliance or system.

Deluxe Advantage Plan Option Examples:
• A customer who has all brand-new kitchen appliances, and doesn’t want those appliances covered under their plan, can purchase the base plan that covers ONLY their central heating/cooling system. Then, in addition to their base plan, they can add the A/C Advantage option, to extend their heating & cooling coverage to include refrigerant & coils but they would not need the “Plumbing Advantage” option because they don’t have basic plumbing coverage under the Heating/Cooling plan, nor would they need the Deluxe Advantage because it covers lots of extras for kitchen appliances.
• A customer with our Platinum Premier plan, who does NOT have a central heating/cooling unit in their home, may want to only add the Plumbing Advantage option to cover faucets/fixtures/toilets but would not need the A/C Advantage option for Freon/coils.
***In both of the examples above it would not make sense for either of these customers to purchase the full Deluxe Advantage so they would choose only the A/C or Plumbing Advantages***
As a customer, you will not be locked into a 1 or 2-year plan. There are no long-term contracts involved. You can keep your coverage as long as you continue paying for your plan. Your initial payment includes a thirty (30) day wait period before you are eligible for coverage under this Agreement.

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Coverage Above & Beyond
As a customer of American Residential Warranty, you will experience excellent customer service, available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. By adding Plumbing Advantage to your base plan, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have protected your faucets, fixtures & toilets.

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