Our Water Heater coverage, included in our Home Protection Plans, will provide you with added peace of mind knowing that your Water Heater is protected.

American Residential Warranty is a leader in the home protection industry, providing coverage to customers in all 50 states. We provide our customers with affordable home protection plans that reduce the risk and costs associated with unexpected home system, appliance or electronic repairs or replacements.

What Is A Home Protection Plan?
A home protection plan normally covers mechanical failures or breakdowns due to normal wear and tear of your home appliances or major systems (heat/air conditioning, plumbing, electric, kitchen appliances, etc.) depending upon the plan and options that you select. The plan guarantees to the homeowner that if something that is covered by the home protection plan stops working or breaks down, then it will be repaired or replaced by the service company, subject to the terms, conditions and coverage limits of the contract.

A home protection plan does NOT cover any items in the event of natural or man-made disasters that can cause major damage to a home and its mechanical systems. They also do not cover events that a homeowner’s or flood insurance policy would cover, such as: tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods or theft. Our plans do not cover the physical structure of a home or personal belongings that are inside the home.

When you purchase a home protection plan from American Residential Warranty, you are entitled to certain protections as part of the plan. If one of your covered appliances or systems breaks down, you can either submit a request online or call us. Our representatives are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A representative will validate your coverage and dispatch your claim to a service provider, who will contact you directly to schedule an appointment that works best with your schedule. For all covered repairs, a small service fee of $55 will be due per breakdown, unless otherwise noted in the terms & conditions.

Water heater
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Why Select A Water Heater Protection Plan?
Water Heaters are vital to ensuring our home comfort needs. When they break down, it can cause a lot of disruption and stress. Some of these units have operated in homes for years while others break down within days or months after installation. Most dealers will cover both parts and labor ONLY for the first year following installation and a repair or replacement can be a huge, unexpected expense. When you have a home protection plan that includes Water Heater protection, you will have coverage for as long as you continue paying for your plan.

With a home plan from American Residential Warranty that includes your Water Heater, you will rest easy knowing that you have protected your important home comfort investment.

American Residential Warranty’s Water Heater Coverage
Water Heater coverage includes/excludes the following:
(Gas or Electric)
COVERED: Gas valve, main burner, limit control, pilot burner, thermocouple, flame spreader, regulator, standard thermostat, manifold, relief valve, vent damper, and electrical heating element.
NOT COVERED: Solar water heaters, oil-fired water heaters, secondary holding or storage tanks, anode rods, noise, thermal expansion tanks, fuel storage tank, heat recovery units, flues, piping, insulation, and T & discharge lines.

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Home Protection Plans That Include Water Heaters
Under our plans, homeowners experience the convenience of having customizable coverage for their new and existing home appliances, systems and electronics. There are no individual plans that ONLY cover one system (ie. heating, cooling or electrical).
American Residential Warranty has 3 plans that would include all 3 of those systems:

Kitchen Plus Plan: Covers major kitchen appliances, interior electrical system and water heater – ONLY $39.99/mo (including applicable state taxes).
Platinum Plan: Covers major kitchen appliances, garbage disposal, water heater, interior electrical system, central heating & cooling and whole-home humidifier – ONLY $54.99/mo (including applicable state taxes).
Platinum Premier Plan: Platinum Premier Plan: Major kitchen appliances, garbage disposal, water heater, interior plumbing and electrical systems, central heating and cooling, ductwork, ceiling fans and garage door opener – ONLY $64.99/mo (including applicable state taxes).

Note: We also have an additional option called “Deluxe Advantage” that can be added to our Platinum Premier plan ONLY. Purchasing this option expands the coverage on some of the appliances above so that items listed as “NOT COVERED” would be covered because the customer pays extra for the Deluxe Advantage:
* WATER HEATER: Repair or replacement if breakdown is caused by sediment build-up.
* CODE VIOLATIONS: Will pay up to the item’s limit to correct a code violation made necessary by the repair or replacement a system or appliance under this Agreement.
* IMPROPER INSTALLATION OR REPAIR: Will cover a Breakdown to a system and appliance due to improper installation or repair prior to the Agreement effective date.
* REMOVAL OF DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Will replace a covered system or appliance due to a Breakdown, We will pay for the removal or disposal of the system or appliance.
* MODIFICATIONS: Duct, electrical or plumbing modifications required for a covered repair.
There are no long-term contracts involved. As a customer of American Residential Warranty, you will not be locked into a 1 or 2-year plan. You can choose month-to-month, quarterly or annual payment plans. Your initial payment includes a thirty (30) day wait period before you are eligible for coverage under this Agreement.

Coverage Above & Beyond
As a customer of American Residential Warranty, you will experience excellent customer service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also provide immediate service for emergencies issues and we will respond to a request for service within 24-48 hours. Under our plans, homeowners experience the convenience of having customizable coverage their new and existing home appliances, systems and electronics.

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