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One way to protect your client’s best interest is by making sure a home warranty purchase is a part of every real estate transaction. If you are the listing agent, a home warranty can help you sell a property faster and for more money. A home warranty can also protect sellers who are selling a home with older home systems and appliances, during the time period that their house is on the market. If you are the buying agent, you can help your home buyers feel more confident when purchasing an older home, knowing that they can rely on a warranty to help cover unexpected repairs, especially during their first year of homeownership. Satisfied home buyers and sellers lead to more referrals and more business in the future for you.

Faster Sell

Sell a property faster and for more money

Protect sellers and get more money

Protect sellers who have older home systems and appliances

Better Value

Get a better value for your home sellers

Confident buyer

Help your home buyers feel more confident

Home Seller Benefits

Seller benefits

A home is a major investment, whether you are buying your first house or selling your old one. A home warranty plan can be beneficial and protect assets for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can use home warranties as an extra incentive for potentials buyers. If a buyer purchases the house, they not only own the home, but they also take over the warranty for the home. Home sellers may pick up the tab of a home warranty during the first year of coverage. Having a home warranty is a competitive way for a seller to separate their listed home from others on the market. Homes with an existing home warranty plan usually sell faster than homes without one. A warranty also protects sellers from unexpected repairs of major appliances during the listing period and it reduces any pre-close issues related to the home inspection during the home buying process. Lastly, home warranties may offer protection against potential after-sale legal disputes.


Buyers, especially those of older homes, often use home warranties in the event that an appliance may breakdown and need a repair within the first year or so of homeownership. For buyers, after spending a large amount of money on their home, they receive protection for their appliances, as well as repairs and replacements for older home systems. Many homeowners are on a budget after purchasing a home so a home warranty protects the money they have left over by covering unexpected repair costs that may arise. Calling a reputable warranty company that provides a network of licensed and pre-screened professionals instead of finding a repairman yourself is easier, saves time and eliminates the risk of hiring an inexperienced repairman to work on your home.

Buyers benefits

Don’t let another day pass without protecting your home with an ARW home warranty plan.

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