An appliance warranty provides coverage for home appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, ovens/ranges/cooktops and built-in microwaves. If a home appliance is covered under an appliance warranty and stops working due to normal wear and tear or mechanical failure, then the warranty company will replace or repair it based on the terms and conditions of the policy.

Appliance warranties can be serviced by a brand-name manufacturer, a retailer or a third-party administrator.
A warranty can protect a single, brand-specific item, a newly purchased appliance or multiple current and new home appliances.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most newly purchased appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Manufacturers offer coverage from three months up to a year for a specific, name-brand item. If the item breaks after that specified period of time, the appliance owner is on their own as the manufacturer does not claim any responsibility and is not obligated to repair or replace the broken appliance.

Store Warranty

Many retailers that sell appliances offer an extended warranty, also called service plans, for a new product at the point of sale. The length of these service plans can vary from a year up to 5 years or more, depending on the policy.

Home Warranty

A home warranty provides coverage for many existing and new appliances and home systems within the house regardless of make, brand or age, all into one policy. Depending on the contract, coverage can last for as long as the homeowner keeps his or her policy.

What Type of Warranty Do I Need?

Things to consider


Compare the cost of purchasing a warranty for each, individual appliance vs. purchasing one warranty that will cover numerous appliances in your home.


It is important for a homeowner to find out how long a warranty will provide coverage. Does the coverage last for only three months or for however long you have your policy?


Find out if the warranty only covers newly purchased items or if it covers existing and new appliances and home systems. Also, see if the policy provides coverage for multiple items or just a single product.


Does the warranty company provide pre-screened, pre-qualified, licensed service technicians to come to your house, evaluate the issue and if needed, perform necessary repairs and/or replacements or do you need to locate a technician on your own?


Can a warranty be purchased for an appliance and/or home system anytime throughout its lifespan or does it have to be bought within a specific time frame after the initial purchase of the item?

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