Paradise is a town in the state of California located in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Located above the northeastern Sacramento Valley Paradise has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. A hot and humid climate means extended use of Paradise home systems and appliances like the central A/C unit, central heating and electrical system. Long-term use of appliances and systems can be a risk for normal wear and tear causing unexpected mechanical breakdowns. For this reason, it is recommended that all homeowners in Paradise sign up for home service agreements.

Paradise has an average of 257 sunny days annually. There are an average 65 days per year with temperatures 90°F degrees or higher and an average of 30 days with a low temperature of 32°F or colder. The average yearly rainfall is 51 inches, mostly in the winter months. There is an average of 6 inches of snow in the upper Ridge area per year. Temperature highs and humidity means extra wear and tear on home appliances and systems. If your central heating system, central A/C unit or electrical system experiences a mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear, having protection from an expensive repair or replacement is essential because a delay can make living conditions in the home very uncomfortable for everyone, and even unsafe.

One of the best ways to protect home appliances and systems in Paradise is to obtain a Home Service Agreement that’s flexible, affordable, and from a trusted provider such as, American Residential Warranty. A home service agreement helps protect homeowners from the high costs of unforeseen mechanical failures of their covered appliances and home systems, and the plan provides licensed, pre-screened, pre-qualified service technicians to assess the situation. If the issue is due to normal wear and tear or mechanical failure and it is a covered item, then the appliance or system will be repaired or replaced within the terms and conditions of the plan. For covered repairs the homeowner will only have to pay a nominal service fee of $55 in most cases.

Customers with American Residential Warranty Home Service Agreements in Paradise receive excellent customer service, available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. We also provide immediate service for emergency issues and we will respond to a request for service within 24-48 hours. Customers can select their own service providers use a technician from ARW’s larger network of licensed, pre-screened and pre-qualified technicians. By having such a home service agreement, it will ensure that when a problem does occur due to normal wear and tear on a home system or appliance, it can be quickly and properly resolved without causing financial and personal distress.

Home & Lifestyle in Paradise

The Town of Paradise is the second largest in Butte County. The town is 10 miles east of Chico and 85 miles north of Sacramento. The estimated population of Paradise in 2016 was just over 26,000.

Paradise has a unique labor market where almost 50 per cent of its population is over the age of 55 and on fixed retirement income. The town is home to manufacturing companies like Fashion Optical Displays and Compac Engineering. Major employers include Big K-Mart, Safeway, Albertsons, Longs Drug, Rite Aid Drug Store, Walgreens, Feather River Hospital, Paradise School District, Paradise Post, and Town of Paradise.

Rich in history, residents and visitors enjoy majestic oaks, tall pines, and an appealing environment. Through promotion, events, design and infrastructure, the Town of Paradise is revitalizing the downtown area. Paradise offers community events that include: Gold Nugget Days, Johnny Appleseed Days, Dutch Oven Cook-Off, Paradise Pow Wow, Paradise Chocolate Fest, Lighted Truck Parade, and Parade of Flags. Culture and Attractions include: Paradise Performing Arts Center, Gold Nugget Museum, Paradise Lake Adventure Relay, Theater on the Ridge, Ridge Senior Center, and Northern California Ballet.

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