Newark, in the state of New Jersey, is located in the transition spot between a humid subtropical and humid continental climate. It has cold, damp winters and hot, humid summers. A hot and humid climate means extended use of Newark home systems and appliances like the central A/C unit, central heating, and electrical system. Long-term use of appliances and systems in homes can cause unexpected mechanical breakdowns. For this reason, it is recommended that all homeowners sign up for home service agreements in Newark.

The January daily mean for Newark is 32°F yet, in most years’ temperatures as low as 10°F are expected. The July daily mean is 77°F and highs exceeding 90°F are received for an average 27 days per year (not accounting for the oft-higher heat index). The average seasonal snowfall is 29 inches, though variations in weather patterns may bring less in some years and several major Nor'easters in other years. A hot and humid climate with variations in weather patterns means extra wear and tear on home appliances and systems. If your central heating system, central A/C unit, or electrical system experiences a mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear then having protection from an expensive repair or replacement is essential because a delay can make living conditions in the home very uncomfortable for everyone, and even unsafe.

One of the best ways to protect home appliances and systems in Newark is to obtain a Home Service Agreement that’s flexible, affordable, and from a trusted provider such as American Residential Warranty. A home service agreement helps protect homeowners from the high costs of unforeseen mechanical failures of their covered appliances and home systems, and the plan provides licensed, pre-screened, prequalified service technicians to assess the situation. If the issue is due to normal wear and tear or mechanical failure and it is a covered item, then the appliance or system will be repaired or replaced within the terms and conditions of the plan. For covered repairs the homeowner will only have to pay a nominal service fee of $55 in most cases.

Customers with American Residential Warranty Home Service Agreements in Newark receive excellent customer service, available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. We also provide immediate service for emergency issues and we will respond to a request for service within 24-48 hours. Customers can select their own service providers or use a technician from ARW’s larger network of licensed, pre-screened and pre-qualified technicians. By having an appliance service agreement in Newark, it will ensure that when a problem does occur due to normal wear and tear on a covered home system or appliance, it can be quickly and properly resolved without causing financial and personal distress.

Home & Lifestyle in Newark

Newark is the most populous city in the state of New Jersey. The population of Newark in 2016 is estimated to be about 277,000.

More than 100,000 people commute to Newark each workday, making it the state's largest employment center with many jobs in finance, insurance, import-export, health-care, and government sectors. Several major companies have their headquarters in Newark, including Prudential, PSEG, Panasonic Corporation of North America,, IDT Corporation, and Manischewitz. Nearly 50,000 students attend the city's universities, medical and law schools. Newark’s airport, maritime port, rail facilities, and highway network make the city the busiest trans-shipment hub on the East Coast in terms of volume. Port Newark is the part of Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal and the largest cargo facility in the Port of New York and New Jersey.

There are lots of sightseeing and activities in Newark. The Newark Museum is the largest in New Jersey. Part of the museum is the historic John Ballantine House, a restored Victorian mansion which is a National Historic Landmark. The city is also home to the New Jersey Historical Society, The Newark Public Library, and the Jewish Museum of New Jersey. Newark is home to numerous art galleries. The Newark Planning Office, in collaboration with local arts organizations, sponsors Newark Murals, the creation of outdoor murals about significant people, places, and events in the city. Festivals and parades held annually or bi-annually include: Cherry Blossom Festival, Portugal Day Festival, McDonald's Gospelfest, Lincoln Park Music Festival, Newark Black Film Festival, and more. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is the home to the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and the New Jersey State Opera. In addition, many movies, television programs, and music videos have been filmed in Newark.

Newark Liberty International Airport is the second-busiest airport in the New York region. Newark is a hub of air, road, rail, and ship traffic, making it an important gateway into the New York metropolitan area and the northeastern United States.

New Jersey averaged the 10th-highest electricity prices in the nation in 2015. For the first time, in 2015, natural gas generated more electricity in New Jersey than nuclear power did. Together, the two fuels provided more than nine-tenths of the state's net electricity generation. New Jersey refineries have added rail access for crude oil deliveries and can now receive crude oil either by rail from North Dakota or by tanker from overseas. In 2015, solar power became New Jersey's largest source of renewable electricity; three-fifths of solar electricity came from customer-sited solar panels.

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