Jackson, officially the City of Jackson, is the capital city and largest urban center of the state of Mississippi. Jackson is located in the humid subtropical climate zone. A hot and humid climate means extended use of Jackson home systems and appliances like the central A/C unit, central heating, and electrical system. Long-term use of appliances and systems in Jackson homes can be a risk for normal wear and tear causing unexpected mechanical breakdowns. For this reason, it is recommended that all homeowners sign up for home service agreements in Jackson.

The weather in Jackson is warm and humid in summer, and fairly mild in winter. Summer temperatures average between 68°F and 90°F, while winter temperatures average between 35°F and 60°F. Rainfall is fairly high, and can occur at any time of year. The mean annual precipitation is about 51 inches. Much of Jackson's rainfall occurs during thunderstorms. The city lies in a region prone to severe thunderstorms which can produce large hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. Warm and dry weather and the humidity means extra wear and tear on home appliances and systems. If your central heating system, central A/C unit, or electrical system experiences a mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear, having protection from an expensive repair or replacement is essential because a delay can make living conditions in the home very uncomfortable for everyone, and even unsafe.

One of the best ways to protect home appliances and systems in Jackson is to obtain a Home Service Agreement that’s flexible, affordable, and from a trusted provider such as, American Residential Warranty. A home service agreement helps protect homeowners from the high costs of unforeseen mechanical failures of their covered appliances and home systems, and the plan provides licensed, pre-screened, prequalified service technicians to assess the situation. If the issue is due to normal wear and tear or mechanical failure and it is a covered item, then the appliance or system will be repaired or replaced within the terms and conditions of the plan. For covered repairs the homeowner will only have to pay a nominal service fee of $55 in most cases.

Customers with American Residential Warranty Home Service Agreements in Jackson receive excellent customer service, available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. We also provide immediate service for emergency issues and we will respond to a request for service within 24-48 hours. Customers can select their own service providers or use a technician from ARW’s larger network of licensed, pre-screened and pre-qualified technicians. By having an appliance service agreement in Jackson, it will ensure that when a problem does occur due to normal wear and tear on a covered home system or appliance, it can be quickly and properly resolved without causing financial and personal distress.

Home & Lifestyle in Jackson

Jackson sits atop the Jackson Volcano and is the only capital city in the United States to have this feature. The current slogan for Jackson is "The City with Soul". Jackson has an estimated 2016 population of about 173,000.

Jackson is a major business powerhouse in Mississippi. The Jackson metropolitan area is home to 16 banks, 4 of which are headquartered in the city of Jackson. Agriculture commodities are a big business sector in the tri-county area. Cattle is the primary commodity in Hinds County. Other commodities vital to the region include cotton, grains, poultry, and timber. Government jobs, ranging from municipal to federal, employ approximately 40,000 residents of metropolitan Jackson. Manufacturing remains an important economic sector, but construction, distribution and trade, health care, retail, telecommunications, and travel and tourism are also vital to the local economy. One of the most promising sectors for Jackson is the automobile industry.

Jackson is a leading destination for arts, entertainment and leisure activities. The city is home to world-class painters, sculptors, dancers, actors, architects, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and artisans of many disciplines. The music varies from classical to inspirational, and home-grown gospel, blues, jazz, rock ‘n roll, R&B and more. The city is home to more historical venues celebrating blues heritage than anywhere else in the state. There are live music events all over the city, especially popular is the The Jackson Rhythm & Blues Festival. Jackson’s museums and historic sites include: Eudora Welty House Museum, Mississippi Museum of Art, Manship House Museum, The City of Jackson Fire Museum, The International Museum of Muslim Cultures, and Medgar Evers Home Museum. Other points of interest are the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Mississippi Children's Museum, Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, Mississippi Coliseum, and Russell C. Davis Planetarium. Jackson’s culinary scene offers the best chefs and has Mom and Pop restaurants that have been staples in this community.

The City of Jackson is served by Jackson-Evers International Airport, located at Allen C. Thompson Field. Amtrak, the national passenger rail system, provides service to Jackson

As of January 2016, Mississippi's Pascagoula oil refinery was the nation's 11th-largest refinery by operating capacity; it can process about 330,000 barrels of oil per day. Mississippi generated nearly 2.4% of its electricity from renewable energy resources during 2016, and biomass accounted for almost all the state's utility-scale renewable electricity generation.

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