Hartford, the capital of the state of Connecticut (CT) has a humid continental climate. A hot, muggy, and variable climate means extended use of Hartford home systems and appliances like the central A/C unit, central heating, and electrical system. Long-term use of appliances and systems in homes can be a risk for normal wear and tear causing unexpected mechanical breakdowns. For this reason, it is recommended that all homeowners sign up for home service agreements in Hartford.

The hottest months in Hartford, CT are June, July, and August. In the summer months, there is often high humidity and occasional thunder showers. During the summer, temperatures reach or exceed 90°F on an average of 17 days per year. The cool to cold months are from November through April, with the coldest months in December, January, and February having average highs in the lower 30's°F and overnight lows near 20°F. A humid continental climate means extra wear and tear on home appliances and systems. If your central heating system, central A/C unit, or electrical system experiences a mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear, having protection from an expensive repair or replacement is essential because a delay can make living conditions in the home very uncomfortable for everyone, and even unsafe.

One of the best ways to protect home appliances and systems in Hartford is to obtain a Home Service Agreement that’s flexible, affordable, and from a trusted provider, such as American Residential Warranty. A home service agreement helps protect the homeowner from high costs of unforeseen mechanical failures (applies to their covered appliances and home systems).

At ARW, we offer our customers dependable repair services from one of the nation’s largest network of licensed, pre-screened and pre-qualified home service professionals. We also allow our customers the freedom to use their own trusted, qualified service technicians to perform necessary repairs or possible replacements within their homes. Please call for authorization prior to service being performed. If the issue is due to normal wear and tear or mechanical failure and it is a covered item, then the appliance or system will be repaired or replaced within the terms and conditions of the plan. For covered repairs the homeowner will only have to pay a nominal service fee of $55 in most cases.

Customers in Hartford with an American Residential Warranty Home Services Agreement receive excellent customer service, available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. We also provide immediate service for emergency issues and we will respond to a request for service within 24-48 hours. By having a Hartford appliance protection plan, it will ensure that when a problem does occur due to normal wear and tear on a covered home system or appliance, it can be quickly and properly resolved without causing financial and personal distress.

Home & Lifestyle in Hartford

Hartford, CT is one of America’s oldest and most historic cities. In 2016, Hartford had an estimated population of about 123,000.

Hartford is the Capital city and home to some of the largest corporations in Connecticut that provide over 65,000 jobs for residents. The city is also home to the corporate headquarters of U.S. Fire Arms and United Technologies. Aetna and the Hartford Financial Services Group, both Fortune 100 companies, are headquartered in Hartford. Travelers Insurance has its largest national employment center and historical headquarters in the city. Hartford is nicknamed the "Insurance Capital of the World", as it hosts many insurance company headquarters and insurance is the region's major industry. Hartford is also a center for medical care, research, and education. Within the city, there is Hartford Hospital, The Institute of Living, Connecticut Children's Medical Center, and Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center. Many companies have moved to or expanded in the central business district and surrounding neighborhoods. Hartford houses several world-class institutions such as Trinity College.

There is much to see and do in Hartford, CT. The city is home to Wadsworth Athenium, the nation’s oldest public art museum, Bushnell Park, the oldest publicly funded park, The Hartford Courant, its oldest continuously published newspaper, and the 1874 Mark Twain House & Museum. The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center includes the author’s Victorian house, its many period furnishings, plus a garden. Other notable sites and points of interest include: Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Connecticut Science Center, Ancient Burying Ground, Bulkeley Bridge, Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, The Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Arch, Connecticut Opera, Constitution Plaza, Elizabeth Park & Rose Garden, and Connecticut Science Center. The Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League plays ice hockey at the XL Center in downtown Hartford. The section of Adriaen's Landing, Front Street, is located across from the Convention Center and covers the land between Columbus Boulevard and The Hartford Times Building. The Front Street development combines retail, entertainment and residential components.

Massachusetts Hartford-Brainard Airport (HFD), located in Hartford serves charter and local flights. Bradley International Airport (BDL), in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, is about halfway between Hartford and Springfield.

Local utility companies serve Hartford’s energy needs. Connecticut ranks 45th among states in renewable energy. Despite this lower ranking, the state of Connecticut is focusing on finding alternative and renewable sources of energy. Hartford remains committed to renewable energy sources, such as wind power, geothermal power, hydropower and more. In 2016, 45% of Connecticut’s net electricity generation came from the 2,088-megawatt Millstone nuclear station. In 2016, 4.2% of Connecticut's net electricity generation came from renewable energy.

You could be losing thousands on home repairs without a home warranty plan. Customize your plan with ARW today.