At American Residential Warranty, we offer one affordable plan to cover all of your major home systems and appliances. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CA and VA
All other states

Frequently Asked Questions

If one of your covered appliances or systems breaks down you can either submit a request online or call us. For claims in CA or VA, please call (800) 863-8600. For all other states, please call (800) 341-3624. Our representatives are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The representative will validate your coverage and dispatch your claim to a service provider, who will contact you directly to schedule an appointment that works best with your schedule. For all covered repairs, a small service fee will be due per breakdown, unless otherwise noted in the terms & conditions.
American Residential Warranty will dispatch a service professional as quickly as possible to your home and will make all reasonable efforts to initiate service for non-emergencies in no more than 48 hours after the request is processed. For an emergency issue, we will make all reasonable effort to initiate service within 24 hours after the request for service is received.
There is no set limit on the number of times you may use our service or submit claims under your agreement, but there are limits on the amount we will spend to repair or replace individual items covered by your plan. The limits will vary based upon the plan chosen. Please see the terms & conditions. to view detailed information about plans and limits.
We have a 30-day wait period to help protect us from pre-existing conditions. This waiting period helps to keep plan costs down since we do not perform an inspection to determine the condition of your appliances and systems.
If a covered appliance or system on your home warranty policy cannot be fixed, we will either replace when possible or provide an allowance towards replacing the item in accordance with our terms & conditions. Our customers also have the added benefit of purchasing discounted appliances through our partnerships with appliance manufacturers.
In order to allow us to keep our plan rates as low as possible and still ensure extraordinary service, we have set limits on the amount we will pay for a repair or replacement. We find that most repairs can be completed within the set limits.
All of our network contractors are licensed, pre-screened and pre-qualified professionals who are who are locally established in your area.
You are provided with a contractor’s contact information so that you can call them at your convenience and set up an appointment that works best with your schedule.
Yes, you may choose your own contractors. Just let the claims representative know that you would like to use your own contractor and make sure that your contractor calls in for authorization prior to completing any repairs.