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What Does A Home Warranty Cover

A home warranty, also known as a home service agreement, typically helps cover the cost of repairs or replacement for home systems and appliances. Specific coverage is based on the terms and conditions of the plan you select and the items you elect to cover. The warranty company will repair or replace any covered item that experiences a mechanical failure due to normal wear and tear under the terms of the plan.

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Systems & Appliances

Home warranties usually cover major appliances and systems such as

Central Air Conditioning

Central Home Heating

Interior Electrical System

Refrigerator and Icemaker

Range/ Oven/ Cooktop


Built-In Microwave

Water Heater

Plumbing System

Garbage Disposal

Washer and Dryer

Garage Door Opener

Ceiling Fan

Duct Work

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

AC Refrigerant & Coils

Plumbing Faucets and Fixtures

Permits Modifications Code violations

Improper Appliance Installation

Mismatched System

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Home Warranty Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

A How does a typical home warranty work?

When a person purchases a home warranty, they are entitled to certain coverages as part of the policy. If a covered appliance or home system breaks down, such as your washing machine or your central heating system, you simply contact the warranty company and they will arrange for a licensed, pre-screened technician to come to your home and assess the situation.

If the issue is due to normal wear and tear or mechanical failure and it is a covered item, then the appliance or system will be repaired or replaced within the terms of the plan and in most cases the homeowner will only have to pay a nominal service fee.

B What does a home warranty typically not cover?

A home warranty can provide substantial protection for many appliances and systems within your home. Plans can be built and customized to allow homeowners to add a variety of items to the policy. Additional refrigerators, icemakers, washers, dryers, pool, spa equipment, well pumps or additional heat/air conditioning units can be added. There are also additional options which cover electronics, sewer and water lines and more.

It does not cover any items in the event of a natural or man-made disaster that can cause major damage to a home and its mechanical systems. Home warranties do not cover events that a homeowner’s insurance policy covers like freezes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, natural floods and theft. They also do not cover the physical structure of a home and a homeowner’s personal belongings that are inside of the home.

C What can be added to a typical home warranty?

Many home warranty plans can be customized and allow for homeowners to add a wide variety of coverages to their plan. Additional refrigerators, ice makers, washers, dryers, pool, spa equipment, well pumps or additional heat/air conditioning units can all be added to a policy. Plus, electronics coverage, sewer line and water line plans are also available.

D When does coverage begin?

Coverage for a home warranty typically begins 30 days after the initial first month’s payment is received. This allows customers a chance to review their policy for the first 30 days and receive a full refund of the plan price if they are not satisfied.

E Does a home warranty cover my old appliances?

Home warranty plans offer coverage for home appliances and systems regardless of their age. There are no restrictions for the brands of residential appliances covered, as well. This type of protection makes it convenient for homeowners to keep their current systems and appliances operating in good condition, while minimizing out-of-pocket costs for repairs and replacement services when failures do occur.

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