Home Warranties Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

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At American Residential Warranty we do things right. Homeowners come to us from far and wide to take care of a simple problem: the high cost of appliance repair. So what is a home warranty and how does it work?
As any homeowner knows, his or her appliances often have a life of their own. Breakdowns and miscellaneous maintenance and repair are to be expected with washers, dryers, refrigerators and all the other appliances that turn a house into a comfortable home. Repairs and replacement are usually covered up to a point by ‘ guarantees and warranties, but the operative words are “up to a point.” Generally, these appliances really run into trouble after manufacturer warranties have expired.The outcome is that appliances demand expensive repair and replacement. The repair of a good washing machine might cost as much as $800 and few are prepared to bear this cost. So to solve this problem, American Residential Warranty offers highly cost effective insurance plans to protect these valuable assets. Residents of numerous states swear by our eager, competent service and Home Warranty Missouri needs are definitely within our purview.

Senior Couple Trying To Keep Warm Under Blanket At HomeThe first american home warranty careers stem from companies like ours, and the people on our team are supported through thick and thin to give the best and most timely customer service available. Although we are located in sunny Boca Raton, Florida we offer service in many states at a price to fit any budget. At ARW we can cover the majors aspects of your home to include plumbing, heating and air conditioning with plans that start with as little as $1 a day.

Appliances account for as much as 13% of your home’s energy use, according to the department of energy. Keeping them well maintained and clean are good ways to bring these costs down. Refrigeration, cooking and laundry top the list. It is important to know your service manual inside and out for all of these, because in them you will find the keys to the most efficient use.

Other energy tips on savings include improvements you can make to your home to save on heating costs, but it is surprising what advantages are to be gained by simply making sure that the needed equipment stays in good repair. This is where a home warranty comes into the picture most forcefully. With it, you can afford repairs before they wind up being outright replacements, and keep things at peak efficiency- all at a reasonable cost.

By offering the best benefits and the first american home warranty careers, we attract motivated team members who will work hard to meet your needs and can respond on an emergency basis as well. They are motivated because they truly care about people and about their welfare. Your home is your sanctuary, and needs to be protected. Home Warranty Missouri is included in our reach of services.

In our search to offer even more, we now offer home security systems as well, in collaboration with companies like ADT and GE. American Residential Warranty continues to upgrade its services as we ourselves learn more and more about the best ways to deliver top quality customer service at an affordable cost. Our caring representatives are available to help you seven days a week, so why not give us a call? It will save you money!