Home Warranties Can Take the Stress Out of Home Ownership

Posted by in Home on August 25, 2014 0 comments
When a family is trying to decide whether to continue renting or to take the plunge and become a homeowner, many factors come into play. One of the biggest benefits of renting is having that safety net of a landlord who is responsible when things suddenly go wrong. This is the hidden cost of home ownership. Figuring out the down payment, interest rates, points, and what needs to be improved right out of the gate is all stressful enough, but the constant threat of a major repair on the horizon prevents many people from owning their own home. However, home warranties are a relatively new invention that are really taking the stress and guesswork out of home ownership. These services are making more people feel like they can survive with a mortgage even when the unexpected happens.

Not every home warranty company is looking to help. Customers need to really take into account who they are dealing with, because if an unscrupulous company signs them up for what amounts to a useless contract, they are not only paying for nothing but also losing that safety net that may very well have been a deciding factor when they purchased their home. Fortunately, a home warranty review or home warranty ratings are out there to help you figure out which company is legit, honest, and has the customer service that you might need in times of trouble. Just like buying that home, there are many things to consider, and home warranty reviews will let you see how other people have fared with different companies.

Not only do home warranties help people actually purchase a home, but they also help out after closing as well. It’s obvious that if a major repair comes up, the warranty will be a lifesaver, but actually, just having the warranty gives you the peace of mind to go ahead with other projects. Instead of saving money for bad news, you can be investing your money into improving your home. This pays off not just in you getting a nicer bathroom or kitchen, but it also means more value being added to your home that could pay off down the road if you decide to sell the home. Too many people are handcuffed by their mortgage and the fear of a bad situation. They can’t make improvements that can add thousands of dollars worth of value to their home. Instead, they are sinking that money into repairing things that are already there or just waiting for the unexpected. This is an example of how home warranties can be a huge asset to your home even if they never have to be used. All of this aside, there is a lot to be said for peace of mind and living without the stress and hassle of wondering if a major repair is just around the corner