Protect Your Investments with an Affordable Home Warranty

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As you look to purchase a new home you may be offered a home warranty. Even some home sellers will offer you a home warranty to help instill a sense of added security with the purchase you’re about to make. Below is what you need to know about home warranties to make an informed decision.

Home Warranty Vs. Homeowner’s InsuranceA home warranty is distinct from homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance protects you against fires, floods and other kinds of perils that threaten the underlying structure of your home. A home warranty, on the other hand, protects your major appliances as well as HVAC and plumbing systems should those systems ever malfunction or break altogether.

Home warranty contracts are worked out between homeowners and a home warranty company. Under most circumstances, if you experience a malfunctioning or broken appliance and you’re covered under a home warranty contract, then you could be entitled to have that malfunctioning appliance repaired or even replaced.

A home warranty provides a greater sense of security for homeowners, yet a home warranty isn’t a substitute for homeowner’s insurance. Rather, homeowner’s insurance protects your actual edifice from certain perils while a home warranty protects your major appliances and certain systems within your home.

A home warranty and homeowner’s insurance policy, therefore, complement each other in certain respects and work together to provide you with added security. You can find the home warranty Colorado home warranty that works for you through American home warranty reviews online. You can scroll through hundreds of home warranty Colorado contracts at American home warranty reviews.

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Worthwhile Value of Home Warranty

Premiums and deductibles for a home warranty are normally very affordable for most new homeowners. A home warranty obviously covers major systems like AC and plumbing in your home, and a home warranty can even cover outdoor pools. You can also breathe easier knowing that a home warranty protects increasingly expensive appliances like washers and driers from having to be replaced.

Home warranty companies offering customers the greatest value have plans starting at one dollar per day or less and offer 24-hour service. An American Residential Warranty, for instance, starts at less than one dollar per day and features around-the-clock support. If you’re looking for added security, then an American Residential Warranty might be the answer.

In contrast to many homeowner’s insurance policies, the actual age of your home and its square footage play less of a role in providing new homeowners affordable policies.

In other words, a home warranty can be affordably purchased even if your home is quite old or over a few thousand square feet. You would still pay the equivalent of approximately a dollar a day, or a few hundred dollars per year, to have your home’s major appliances and systems covered against malfunctions or breakdowns.

Who Should Purchase a Home Warranty?

Anyone who is interested in protecting their major appliances and heating and cooling systems. Home warranties can even offer optional coverage of non-traditional appliances like spas and ice makers. Overall, home warranties are simply an affordably way to grant homeowners added peace of mind.

A home warranty, though, is especially suited to someone who wants added security at an affordable price. That is, some homeowners have an inadequate amount saved up in an emergency fund and might need help paying their bills should one or more major appliances suddenly break down.

For a dollar or less per day a home warranty can protect the investments of homeowners who want to secure or supplement an emergency fund with an added sense of security.